At Trifecta, we believe in total body wellness. Our approach includes focusing on recovering, repairing, and restoring the body to its full potential. 


No matter if you are a professional athlete, a mom of three, a business owner or somewhere in between, Trifecta is your first stop to start the recovery process. Our therapists will tailor your treatment and find ways to improve your movement, decrease inflammation and soft tissue restrictions, and to promote healing.


Your entire session will be hands on one-on-one with one of our specialized massage therapists. Through our extensive training, we will utilize the principles of athletic training and massage therapy such as: fascial lengthening, structural bodywork, manual therapy, cupping, therapeutic taping, and heat modalities to improve optimal muscle length for ease of movement and repair any soft tissue injuries or restrictions.


Restoring you to your pre-injury or pre-training state is at the core of our mission. We offer a number of maintenance options to keep you healthy not only through your training season, but throughout the year. Maintenance is key to facilitate the effects of treatment and to keep you functioning at your best level.