Ana founded Trifecta Sports Therapy in 2014 and is both a licensed massage therapist and a certified athletic trainer. 


Prior to founding Trifecta Sports Therapy, she worked at Louisiana State University (LSU) as an Associate Athletic Trainer with the Women’s Softball Team. Her role with the team was to perform the treatment, evaluation, and rehabilitation of all athletic and non-athletic injuries. Injury prevention and maintenance routines were also a crucial component of her role on the staff. 


Ana now focuses her time at Trifecta Sports Therapy, but maintains her collegiate status as a contracted therapist for the LSU student athletes.

Here at Trifecta, her clientele range from high school, collegiate, professional, and general fitness enthusiasts. Trifecta receives referrals from many sources, including local physicians, orthopedists, physical therapists, chiropractors and other therapy providers. Working concomitantly with these specialists, she is able to aid in enhancing therapy productivity and outcome. She frequently works with the running, triathlon, and general fitness community. Her bodywork style is a mix of deep structural tissue mobilization combined with fascial stretching techniques. She understands the demands put on the body with training and how to help aid in the prevention, recovery, and maintenance process.

Her mission is to help the community maintain their fitness, flexibility, and whole-body wellness. Sheprovides a warm and healing environment to help those of all fitness levels find the “athlete within”.

Ana Couture License No. LA7670


Brenner Corry is one of our senior massage therapists who joined the Trifecta Sports Therapy team in 2016. He takes pride in being well-versed in several modalities, such as sports, neuromuscular, deep tissue, and Swedish among others. In fact, any session performed will include a wide range of these modalities given that every session should be specifically designed and tailored to the individual client. He has an academic approach to massage and a knowledge of musculoskeletal anatomy that allows him to isolate and then mechanically improve a given issue.

He enjoys being introduced to clients from all walks of life. Whether he is treating chronic pain, repetitive motion injuries, or simply reducing stress, he is fulfilled knowing that he gets to play a small part in someone’s health and well-being.


What he loves about his work is that no two days are ever the same; moreover, no two sessions are ever the same. To put it simply, everyone is different, so each session needs to follow suit.

Brenner Corry. License No. LA7976


Emily Daigle

Emily is a graduate of LSU with a bachelor’s degree in athletic training. Her tenure at LSU helped mold her therapeutic style as she worked with both the Baseball and Gymnastics teams as a student trainer. After graduation she took her Athletic Training degree to another level by obtaining her massage therapy license. 


Her love of athletic training, married with massage therapy allows her to treat patients from a unique perspective. In her practice at Trifecta, Emily has large base of youth athletes that she treats, assisting in their sports and competition performance, recovery and physical maintenance.  Emily loves helping patients recover from injury, gain more mobility, or just feel good in their everyday life. In her free time Emily enjoys exercising with her dog, Honey, cooking, and traveling.  

Emily Daigle. License No. LA9244

Rebecca Eldringhoff

Rebecca is one of our senior therapists at Trifecta Sports Therapy.  Her passion to help people and her own experiences in physical therapy settings, fueled her drive to become a massage therapist.   Rebecca’s repertoire of accomplished modalities is always expanding as she is constantly gaining new certifications and adding to her expertise. She is passionate about educating herself in the newest treatment protocols and broadening her scope of practice.  Rebecca is highly trained in the orthopedic areas of massage therapy and therefore treats many orthopedic and physical therapy referral patients.  

Driven by the love of knowledge and a penchant for problem solving, Rebecca looks forward to the daily challenge that her varied clients present. One additional facet of her talents is creating delicious delights in the kitchen, as she is an incredible baker and cook!

Rebecca Eldringhoff. License No. LA8126


Adam Kelly

Adam is a Baton Rouge native and graduate of Catholic High, so it’s no wonder he has a love for all types of sports.  His tenured experience playing sports allows him to understand many aspects of the body, how it functions and what’s needed for optimal performance.  Adam’s hobbies and experiences fueled his desire to help others through massage therapy. 


Throughout his training he was able to utilize his sports background, fostering a thorough understanding of the body, injury treatment and injury prevention.  Adam enjoys working with clients to achieve their desired results of reduced pain, allowing them to participate in high-performance activities.  When Adam has time off, he enjoys golf, traveling, attending sporting events, spending time with family, and attempting to cook!

Adam Kelly. License No. La9356

Madison Mayeaux

Even after graduating with honors and earning a degree in business from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Madison knew that she wanted to further her education in a field where she could help people with chronic and acute pain.  Her passion led her to massage therapy, where she focused on the clinical side of fascial manipulation.  She broadened her medical scope by working as a Physical Therapy Technician, enhancing her skill set even further. 


Madison approaches clients in a way that digs deeper into their symptoms in order to uncover underlying causes of discomfort and barriers to mobility.  She loves educating clients on the body and helping them understand how therapy can help them maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.  Outside of therapy, Madison loves palling around with her pup, Danny, while enjoying the outdoors!

Madison Mayeaux. License No. LA9355


Taysia Coleman

Taysia is an LSU graduate and also was part of the LSU powerlifting team during her collegiate years.  During her final semester studying Kinesiology at LSU, Taysia interned at TRIFECTA.  She used this time to expand her knowledge of the body, defining how therapy can reduce pain, increase performance and help with injury prevention.  In addition to staff and clients’ positive interactions with Taysia, she fell in love with massage therapy.  MT school married her knowledge of the body with new tools to help clients with injuries, post-surgery, or just in need of routine maintenance.  Much of the feedback that we receive about Taysia, consistently states that she has a God-given gift.  Her vast understanding of the muscular system allows her to intuitively treat patients of all activity types and assist them in feeling their best.  In her free time, Taysia continues to push her body in recreational powerlifting and Olympic lifting.  In exchange for her efforts, she enjoys exploring nutritious foods and sweet treat splurges.  She never forgets to appreciate a beautiful sunrise or sunset and translates her visions into art when she is able.  Of all these things, her favorite thing is spending quality time with her family and close friends.


Taysia Coleman, License No. LA9409

Hannah Goff

Hannah is the office coordinator for Trifecta Sports Therapy and will generally be the voice you hear on the phone and the face you see when you come in for an appointment.  Trifecta has taught Hannah the importance of teamwork and the power that comes when you build each other up. She strives to be her best for clients as she forms lasting relationships with the Trifecta community. She is graduate of Southeastern Louisiana University with a degree in computer science. She has a love for the outdoors, staying physically active, cooking and exploring nutrition for both body and mind health. Because of her active lifestyle, she places a high value on maintaining her body through consistent treatment for optimal performance.